Miryam Brand on Intergenerational Punishment in the Hebrew Bible

Dr. Miryam Brand, a teacher and researcher specializing in the area of Second Temple period literature, has posted two podcasts on intergenerational punishment in the Hebrew Bible. Click to listen to each one below, and be sure to check out her website for more.

  1. Intergenerational Punishment – Changing World Views in the Bible
  2.  “Ezekiel, Intergenerational Punishment and Individual Responsibility
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Interview: Karen R. Keen

KKKaren R. Keen has taught students at Marquette University and Wake Technical Community College. She earned her B.S. from Corban University (formerly Western Baptist College), M.S. from Western Oregon University, M.A. from Western Seminary, and Th.M. from Duke University Divinity School. She also conducted postgraduate research at Marquette University in the area of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity. Keen blogs at karenkeen.com.

How did you decide to become a biblical scholar? Share your autobiographical journey.

Scripture has always captivated me. In junior high I bought a Greek primer in hopes of reading the New Testament in its original language. However, the tradition I was raised in did not believe women should teach, preach, or contribute new interpretations of the text. Even though I eventually rejected that view, the message was so ingrained that it never occurred to me to consider seminary. I had never met a woman biblical scholar or seminarian. Only after I was established in a student affairs career at the University of California (UCSC) did I begin taking classes toward a Master’s degree in exegetical theology. While at UCSC I developed an increasing desire to be on the teaching side of academia. My job allowed me to  guest lecture (on disability law), and I enjoyed engaging with students on pertinent topics.  For example, while walking around campus I observed flyers for  events that highlighted the tensions in Israeli and Palestinian relations. So I organized a campus forum on “God in the Middle East: Faith and Palestinian/Israeli Reconciliation.” The Christian, Jewish, and Muslim panelists discussed how their faith contributed to principles of peacemaking and how religion can be a source of healing rather than violence. Afterward students asked me to serve as a moderator for a Sustained Dialogue group.   Continue reading

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Dr. Reed on “Forgetting Ancient Jewish Sciences”

Listen to Dr. Annette Yoshiko Reed’s discussion, “Forgetting Ancient Jewish Sciences” by clicking here.

“Annette Yoshiko Reed (Associate Professor, New York University) has particular interest in angels and demons, the afterlives of Second Temple traditions in late antiquity, and Jewish and Christian self-definition. Her forthcoming two-volume set, Jewish-Christianity and the History of Judaism (Mohr Siebeck, forthcoming 2018) collects her research on ‘Jewish-Christians,’ the early history of Jewish-Christian relations, and the history of scholarship.” (description take from Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins).


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Cheryl B. Anderson on Law in the OT

Dr. Cheryl B. Anderson is Professor of Old Testament at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. In this video she offers a helpful discussion on law in the Old Testament. A good resource for students.

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Mary Katherine Hom on the Assyrians and the Old Testament

Dr. Mary Katherine Hom has a Th.M. from Regent University and Ph.D. from University of Cambridge. Hom is the author of The Characterization of the Assyrians in Isaiah: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives. Recently, she was interviewed by OnScript to discuss her work. Check out the podcast at this link.

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Dr. Beverly Gaventa: “Listening to Romans with Junia and Her Sisters”

Dr. Beverly Gaventa is New Testament professor at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Interview: Meredith Warren

Dr. Meredith J. C. Warren is Lecturer in Biblical and Religious Studies at the University of Sheffield. Warren earned her BA, MA, and PhD from McGill University. She directs the Embodied Religion research theme and is also Deputy Director of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies. Warren and many of her publications can be found at HumanitiesCommons. She is also on Twitter @drmjcwarren.

How did you decide to become a biblical scholar? Share your autobiographical journey.

I actually started out in a pre-med programme, and took some anthropology and language classes for fun. The languages I took were offered by the Religious Studies faculty, which is one of the most beautiful buildings on McGill’s downtown campus. I ended up taking more of the languages offered there, including Greek and Hebrew, and eventually took Feminist Theology and some introductory New Testament classes. Before I knew it, biology and calculus had fallen completely by the wayside and I ended up with a double major in Anthropology and Scripture & Interpretation. After my BA I got hired to do some editing and bibliography work for Prof. Barry Levy, and got very interested in early Judaism and interpretation of biblical and non-biblical texts, and decided to do a Master’s. I was lucky enough to work with Prof. Ellen Aitken, a wonderful and much-missed mentor who eventually supervised my PhD work as well. What I love about our field is exploring ancient ways of thinking, ancient expectations about how the world works, and uncovering clues about every-day people with what texts survived.

Continue reading

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Interview: Lydia Lee

Headshot, Lydia LeeDr. Lydia Lee is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Research Focus Area: Ancient Texts: Text, Context and Reception, North-West University in South Africa. She earned her B.A. (Hons) in Biblical Studies and Classical Hebrew at the University of Sydney and Ph.D. in Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Georg-August-Universität Gottingen. She can also be found at her blog.

How did you become a biblical scholar? Share your autobiographical journey.

Born in a Presbyterian ministerial family in Malaysia, I grew up watching my parents serving in various Christian churches. When my father received an appointment to pastor a Chinese Christian church in Sydney, my whole family followed him and immigrated to Australia. This kind of family background exposed me to the biblical literature and its impacts at a very young age. Fascinating to me was how biblical texts could empower many believers to display an incredulous amount of patience, kindness, and sacrificial love. Meanwhile, I was intrigued by the strife, deceits, and molestation committed by church members in the name of God’s word. Sidling through these moments of light and darkness prompted me to reflect on the meaning of life and to yearn for more knowledge of God.

Upon my graduation from the senior high school, I decided to dedicate myself to the biblical studies at the University of Sydney. At that time, I received the award of Dux of the School and my academic performance was good enough to get me into any course of study at the university. I can still remember the look of sheer puzzlement on the face of my senior high school teacher when I informed him the subjects I was going to study at the university. My learning of the biblical texts was not without difficulties but my teachers at the University of Sydney nurtured my deep interests in the Semitic languages, offered me plenty of encouragements, and laid the academic groundwork for me to pursue further studies in Israel and Germany. Before I accepted the postdoctoral position at the North-West University in South Africa in 2016, I had realized my deep passion for biblical studies and had made up my mind that I would strive to be involved in the academic field for as long as possible.  Continue reading

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Interview: Carmen Imes

Dr. Carmen Imes is Associate Professor of Old Testament at Prairie College in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. She earned a BA from Multnomah University, MA from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and PhD from Wheaton College. She blogs at http://www.carmenjoyimes.blogspot.com/.

Carmen - headshot - 2016How did you decide to become a biblical scholar? Share your autobiographical journey.

I have always loved reading the Bible. I remember taking my Bible out on the playground in 2nd grade and trying to get a group of kids to read through it with me. In college I discovered a love for teaching. It was natural to combine these two interests. At one point before I started grad school I wrestled with whether to go into Christian counseling or Biblical Studies—I either wanted to be a counselor who was thoroughly grounded in the Scriptures or a professor who was able to counsel students informally. In the end I saw a greater need for women in biblical studies. There were already many women counselors.   Continue reading

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Old Testament Class with Christine Hayes

A Yale University Intro to OT course with Dr. Christine Hayes is available to the public on YouTube. See the first class below. For all lectures click here.


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