Web Round Up #3

Web Round Up provides links to relevant news from around the Web, including job openings, new books, articles on women biblical scholars, etc.

1. Rebecca Raphael writes about pedagogy and use of textbooks for teaching religious studies courses.

2. New study shows Gender Differences in the Road to the Doctoral Degree. Women take longer on average, receive less institutional funding, and complete their degrees with a greater amount of debt.

3. Karen Stern on graffiti in the ancient Near East: “Graffiti–the ‘Selfies’ of the Ancient Near East?

4. From the Onion, “New Archaeological Find Suggests Mary Magdalene Was Actually A Size 12.

5. Through April 12, 2015, the National Museum of Women in the Arts has an exhibit on Mary: “Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea.

6. UK Educational Development News

7. Funding: ACLS Public Fellows Competition for Recent Ph.D.s

8. Keep up on women in academia at the WIA Report

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