Web Round Up #5

Web Round Up provides links to relevant news from around the Web, including job openings, new books, articles on women biblical scholars, etc.

1. Festschrift in honor of Carol Meyers.

2. Karen Jobes on the Septuagint.

3. Follow Krista N. Dalton at the Ancient Jew Review here and here.

4. How many words are spoken by women in the Bible? Find the answer.

5. Ancient Jew Review interviews Jodi Magness on her excavations of the Galilean synagogue at Huqoq.

6. Call for Papers: “Writing Women’s Lives.” And SBL Call for Papers on “Recovering Female Interpreters of the Bible.”

7. Carrie Schroeder has a bibliography in progress on the Tura papyri. She welcomes corrections, suggestions, additions.

8. Margreet L. Steiner on identifying ancient archaeological sites.

9. New book on black evangelical female scholars.

10. Interactive chart that allows you to explore gendered language in teaching evaluations on RateMyProfessor.

11. SBL/AAR job report.

12. Job openings:

Visiting professor of religion at Syracuse University. Apply by April 1st.

Associate University Minister at University of San Diego


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