Web Round Up #8

Web Round Up provides links to relevant news from around the Web, including job openings, new books, articles on women biblical scholars, etc.

1. Mary Ann Beavis writes about the book of Hebrews and its relationship to the wisdom tradition (reviewed by Larry Hurtado).

2. Jennifer Guo hosted February’s Biblical Carnival.

3. Nyasha Junior’s new book, An Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation, is now available.

4. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott will be speaking on April 18th on the subject of ancient Israelite families at First Congregational Church of Auburn in California.

5. Congratulations to Krista N. Dalton and her crew on being awarded an AAJR grant for their work at Ancient Jew Review.

6. Leslie Baynes writes a post on The Heavenly Horses of C.S. Lewis.

7. Jennifer Guo writes a three part review on Studies in the Pauline Epistles: Essays in Honor of Douglas J. Moo.  See Part I, Part II, and Part III.

8. Candida Moss is consulted for CNN’s special Finding Jesus

9. Corrine Carvalho on The God that Gog Creates.

10. Abigail Ann Young writes Reflections on 1 Thessalonians

11. Alison Joseph’s book Portrait of the Kings: The Davidic Prototype in Deuteronomistic Poetics has been published and is now available.

12. RBL Book Reviews:

Angelika Berlejung and Michael P. Streck, eds.
Arameans, Chaldeans, and Arabs in Babylonia and Palestine in the First Millennium B.C.

Chantal Reynier
Pour lire la lettre de Saint Paul aux Romains

Katharine J. Dell
Interpreting Ecclesiastes: Readers Old and New

Sarah J. K. Pearce
The Words of Moses: Studies in the Reception of Deuteronomy in the Second Temple Period

13. Michigan’s Near Eastern Studies Dept needs a Hebrew Language Coordinator. Apply by March 31st deadline.

14. The Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies is accepting applications for its 2015-2016 Graduate Student Research Fellowship.

15. Digital tools:

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  1. wmcoppins says:

    Readers of this blog might also be interested in the three PhD positions and one postdoc position that will be funded in Mainz: http://wp.me/p4dgUF-sW


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