Web Round Up #9

Web Round Up provides links to relevant news from around the Web, including job openings, new books, articles on women biblical scholars, etc.

Rebecca Raphael writes about team-teaching a course.

Seventeen Jewish female clergy and scholars describe their struggles and success.

Amy-Jill Levine writes about the difference between “Old Testament,” “Hebrew Bible,” and the Tanakh.

Interview with Eliska Havelkova, Th.D. student at Charles University in Prague.

Karen R. Keen writes Private Thoughts of a Biblical Scholar on Faith and Academia.

Julie Faith Parker on children in the Hebrew Bible.

 Ellen Muehlberger completes a two year project collecting stats on 70 issues of Review of Biblical Literature (April 2013-April 2015). Out of 1650 authors, editors, reviewers featured,  1385 were men and 265 women (16%). Read her thoughts here.

Lynn Huber’s recent book is now out in paperback: Thinking and Seeing with Women in Revelation

Check out the website for the journal on Dead Sea Scrolls, Revue de Quman.

New website for Sardis excavations.

Check out some of these history apps including for ancient Mesopotamia, as well as coins from the Graeco-Roman world

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