Web Round Up #10

Web Round Up provides links to relevant news from around the Web, including job openings, new books, articles on women biblical scholars, etc.

1. Krista Dalton reviews Brennan Breed’s book Nomadic Text: A Theory of Biblical Reception History.

2. Call for Papers for 2016 Midwest Consortium on Ancient Religions.

3. Joan Taylor writes on what Jesus looked like.

4. Pamela Barmash writes about Cain.

5. Book review of Ellen Muehlberger’s Angels in Late Ancient Christianity by Robin Darling.

6. Archaeology scholarships available

7. SBL student board has two openings.

8. Job Opportunities:

Postdoctoral Fellowship applications in Humanities fields now being accepted through the University of Pennsylvania.

Yale is hiring a Lector in Semitic Languages

One year Visiting Professorship applications are being accepted by the Marquette University theology department.

Lecturer in Religious/Biblical Studies at Sheffield

Visiting Assistant Professor in Jewish Studies at Wesleyan University

Tenure Track Bible position at William Jessup University.

9. Review of Biblical Literature Book Reviews:

Katharina Galor and Hanswulf Bloedhorn
The Archaeology of Jerusalem: From the Origins to the Ottomans

Alison Ruth Gray
Psalm 18 in Words and Pictures: A Reading through Metaphor

Ronald Jolliffe, Gertraud Harb, Christoph Heil, Anneliese Felber, and Angelika Magnes
Q11: 39a, 42, 39b, 41, 43-44: Woes against the Pharisees

Valérie Nicolet-Anderson
Constructing the Self: Thinking with Paul and Michel Foucault

Diana V. Edelman, ed.
Deuteronomy-Kings as Emerging Authoritative Books: A Conversation

Steven J. Friesen, Sarah A. James, and Daniel N. Schowalter, eds.
Corinth in Contrast: Studies in Inequality

Christl M. Maier and Carolyn J. Sharp, eds.
Prophecy and Power: Jeremiah in Feminist and Postcolonial Perspective

Mirjam van der Vorm-Croughs
The Old Greek of Isaiah: An Analysis of Its Pluses and Minuses

Mark A. Chancey, Carol Meyers, and Eric M. Meyers, eds.
The Bible in the Public Square: Its Enduring Influence in American Life

Laurel W. Koepf-Taylor
Give Me Children or I Shall Die: Children and Communal Survival in Biblical Literature

Katherine Low
The Bible, Gender, and Reception History: The Case of Job’s Wife

Miguel Pérez Fernández and Olga Ruiz Morell
El Beso de Dios: Midrás de la Muerte de Moisés. Edición bilingüe hebreo-español y comentario


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