Women Scholar Bloggers

Women biblical scholars are on the web! Have you checked these out? Do you know of others?

Miryam Brand

Mette Bundvad

Jennifer Chiou

Krista Dalton (at Ancient Jew Review)

April DeConick

Wil Gafney

Sandra Glahn

Deidre Good

Jennifer Guo

Laura Hunt

Carmen Imes

Nyasha Junior

Karen R. Keen

Lyn M. Kidson

Lydia Lee

RJS (she is a scientist, but her writing intersects with Bible)

Roberta Mazza

Marg Mowczko

Laura Robinson (podcasts)

Mitzi Smith

Ekaterini G. Tsalampouni

Women Biblical Scholars

Old sites still up but not updated in a few years:

Julia M. O’Brien

Suzanne McCarthy (now deceased; blogged at BLT)

Judy Stack-Nelson

Celia Wolff

Kelly Wilson

See also the new Logia Resource Database of women scholars. Know of any women scholar bloggers not cited here? Post their links in the comment section.

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2 Responses to Women Scholar Bloggers

  1. A blog on gender and sexuality in the ancient world and its relationship to the New Testament by Dr Lyn Kidson.


  2. Thanks for the heads up! It will be added.


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