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Throughout history women have loved, studied, and taught the scriptures. Unfortunately, many of us have never heard of these biblical scholars and theologians. Often they are left out of history books and classroom discussion. The goal of this blog is to draw attention to the works of women and discover what they contribute to our understanding of the biblical text. With greater awareness, this scholarship can shape course curriculum, homilies, public discourse, and academia itself.

The blog includes profiles, interviews, book reviews, and other means to spotlight women biblical scholars. Of particular interest are Christian and Jewish scholars whose work contributes to the thriving of faith communities and advances helpful discussion of religion in our contemporary world. Check out the developing Index of Scholars for names and works of women across history. This makes it easy to find the primary texts you want. Also don’t miss seeing today’s women biblical scholars in action–our growing Video and Audio page gives you access to lectures, presentations, and interviews. Finally, if you are looking for a dictionary on women interpreters or want to read a memoir or biography of a female scholar be sure to stop by the Books page.

If you know of something that should be added to this site, would like to contribute a guest post, or help develop the index of scholars please e-mail: women.biblical.scholars@gmail.com.

The photos in the blog header are of various women scholars who have been interviewed for this site. Inclusion does not constitute agreement or disagreement with any of the content of this site.