Today’s Scholars

Today’s scholars will be added to this index as they are interviewed or profiled for this site. A biblical scholar includes not only those specializing in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, but also those in fields that advance the knowledge of the scriptures. That could include scholars who are exploring reception history, hermeneutics, homiletics, or the ancient cultural contexts of the biblical texts.

Note: This list is not comprehensive. For additional lists of women scholars see Logia’s list and Women Also Know History.

Baynes, Leslie (New Testament; Second Temple Judaism)

Brown, Jeannine K. (New Testament)

Cohick, Lynn (New Testament and Christian Origins)

Firth, Jill (Old Testament)

Gafney, Wil (Hebrew Bible)

Garroway, Kristine (Hebrew Bible; archaeology)

Guerrero, Corinna (Biblical Studies)

Hunt, Laura J. (New Testament)

Imes, Carmen (Old Testament)

Jobes, Karen H. (New Testament Greek and Exegesis)

Junior, Nyasha (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)

Keen, Karen R. (Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity; Old Testament emphasis)

Koenig, Sara M. (Biblical Studies)

Kovalishyn, Mariam J. Kamell (New Testament)

Lee, Lydia (Ancient Near Eastern Studies)

Leung Lai, Barbara M. (Old Testament)

McCray, Donyelle (Homiletics, Christian Spirituality, Multicultural Studies)

Nasrallah, Laura S. (New Testament and Early Christianity)

Parker, Cyndi (Geography of Biblical Israel/Biblical Studies)

Reeder, Caryn A. (New Testament)

Reese, Ruth Anne (New Testament)

Shafer-Elliott, Cynthia (Hebrew Bible; archaeology)

Shively, Elizabeth E. (New Testament)

Smith, Mitzi J. (New Testament and Early Christian Studies)

Stovell, Beth M. (Old Testament)

Warren, Meredith J. C. (Biblical and Religious Studies)

Wendel, Susan (New Testament)

Wilson, Brittany E. (New Testament)

Wolff, Celia (Christian Scripture and Ethics)

Wray Beal, Lissa M. (Old Testament)

Young, Abigail Ann (History of Biblical Exegesis; Medieval period)


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